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Inviting, attractive and seductive
It looms around me with weight so heavy
I can barely feel my own
With a cloud so heavy above me i can no longer feel the sun shine
Mere replica of what is left of me
The definition of an image so minute I can barely acknowledge its existence
And yet
A complete imposter
Mimicking every detail of action I partake in
Somehow, its become a clichè
And so yet again
As midnight grows fonder
And the clock moves slower
I await the chariots return
Yet my heart grows hollow by the minute
Perhaps, today is the day he comes for me
Perhaps today is the day I say hello to a new beginning
So when Midnight
looms with a silence so similar to that of a grave yard
I realize
It’s not yet time
Yet again, the chariot passes by and stops at another
Maybe tomorrow
It will stop for me

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