Welcome to Soita stories, in case you haven’t noticed, I like to write about almost anything and everything. I express myself and issues within and far beyond me in writing. I don’t limit my mind to specific issues, instead I let it roam around and find inspiration in the most unexpected of places.

I created this platform to help me connect with people that relate to some of the issues I highlight in my stories. It’s not all fiction, every story has a touch of reality and truth in it. With this platform, I hope to not only entertain, but also educate and shed light on societal issues in the most creative of ways. Feel free to scroll around, read a bit, entertain yourself and leave a comment.

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    They had all seen her grow, witnessing the different phases she went through. They had rebuked her for playing in the rain every single time the clouds above decided to weep into their plots of lands. Some even thought she wasn’t ladylike enough when she decided to play hide and seek with the boys at […]
    There was an awkward moment between her thoughts and emotions, almost as though she was about to drown in despair. For quite sometime now she had struggled to find herself. For days, she had felt as though the image in the mirror was only but a reflection of who she was. She had fumbled and […]