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    There was an awkward moment between her thoughts and emotions, almost as though she was about to drown in despair. For quite sometime now she had struggled to find herself. For days, she had felt as though the image in the mirror was only but a reflection of who she was. She had fumbled and […]

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    DarknessInviting, attractive and seductiveIt looms around me with weight so heavyI can barely feel my ownWith a cloud so heavy above me i can no longer feel the sun shineShadowsMere replica of what is left of meThe definition of an image so minute I can barely acknowledge its existenceAnd yetA complete imposterMimicking every detail of […]

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    There is something about the breeze. The insanely cool breeze from the ocean on a Saturday afternoon. There is a chill it brings every time it caresses your cheeks and brings about an appealing chilling sensation that persistently battles the heat trying so hard to build up inside you as a result of the scorching […]

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    Well, well, well, I kind of hoped we would never have to get to this point, but since you are here let’s get onto it, shall we? I am not one to get sentimental about things but that doesn’t mean I don’t get emotional. I am the girl that is scared of horror movies but […]

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